Lights Back On?

Phillies Astros Baseball

Much maligned closer Brad Lidge finished off tonight’s 4-2 victory over the Atlanta Braves with his most dominant performance in recent memory. Lidge appeared to pitch backwards to Atlanta’s hitters by starting them off with sliders that he was able to throw for strikes. Lidge has been criticized this season (justly, I might add) for having to throw his fastball for strikes early in counts due to his inability to locate his slider. Lidge’s fastball has had little to no movement all year and any hitter worth their salt in the majors can crush a straight fastball. Are the lights back on?

Oh by the way… in case you havent noticed Ryan Howard is the hottest player in baseball. He was the Phillies offense tonight going 3-3 with 2 homers and 3 rbi’s.  Over his last 15 games “The Big Piece” is hitting a lusty .339  with 11hr and 29rbi’s. It’s not even September yet when he usually heats up.

How frustrated do you think Pedro Martinez is that Jamie Moyer’s 2 most impressive performances in the last 3 months have been on nights that Pedro was removed due to the weather?

Interesting Note: The Phillies have won all 9 combined starts from their July pitching acquisitions. (5 for Cliff Lee and all 4 of Pedro’s starts.)


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