This Just In: Cliff Lee Is Human.


Well we all knew it had to happen eventually, but I’m sure we didn’t expect it to be quite as ugly as it was tonight. In just 5 innings of work Phillies ace Cliff Lee was torched for 10 hits and 6 runs (all earned.) The Phils lost the game after a rain shortened  7 1/2 innings 9-1. Lee was repeatedly victimized by the long ball giving up 3 bombs, which is exactly 3 more then he had given up in his previous 5 starts for the defending world series champs. He lacked the pinpoint control that had made him so effective so far in his brief national league career.

The Phillies offense also continued it’s astounding inability to capitalize with runners in scoring position. Ending the night with 11 men left on base. Keep in mind those 11 stranded base runners came on a rain shortened evening, had the game been allowed to go the regulation length I’m certain that Jayson Werth  and Raul Ibanez could have managed to blow another opportunity or two. Tonight was another example of this team’s inability to score recently without ripping the ball out of the yard.

The rubber match of this division series is tommorow night on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball at 8pm. “Heavy B” Joe Blanton vs Jair Jurrjens.


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