Whose getting their wings clipped?

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The final whistle at the Meadowlands tonight signaled the beginning and end of many players NFL dream. As far as the Eagles go, there are many question marks heading into Saturday’s deadline to cut the roster from 75 to 53. The most interesting battles that remained heading into tonight’s finale were for the starting free safety job as well as the depth roster spots at receiver and running back.

The following is my guess on how the Birds active roster will turn out.


  1. McNabb

  2. Kolb

  3. Vick


  1. Westbrook

  2. McCoy

  3. Buckley


  1. Weaver


  1. Jackson

  2. Curtis

  3. Maclin

  4. Avant

  5. Gibson

  6. Baskett

  7. Amendola


  1. Celek

  2. T. Curtis


  1. Andrews St.

  2. Andrews Sh.

  3. Jackson

  4. Herremans

  5. Peters

  6. Cole

  7. Jean Gilles

  8. Mcglynn

  9. Justice

  10. Dunlop


  1. Cole

  2. Howard

  3. Parker

  4. Abiamiri

  5. Babin

  6. Clemons

  7. Bunkley

  8. Patterson

  9. Laws

  10. Klecko


  1. Gaither

  2. Jordan

  3. Gocong

  4. Mays

  5. White

  6. Fokou


  1. Samuel

  2. Brown

  3. Hobbs

  4. Hanson


  1. Mikell

  2. Demps

  3. Jones

  4. Harris

Special Teamers

  1. Akers

  2. Rocca

  3. Dorenbos

Total: 53

Ir: Bradley and Ingram (2)

Notable Cuts: Reggie Brown, Matt Schobel, AJ Feeley, Lorenzo Booker, Bryan Smith, Kyle Eckel, Jack Ikegwuono, Matt Wilhelm, Tank Daniels

The hope that I have for this roster is that they go heavy on wide receivers by keeping standout rookie Brandon Gibson and versatile second year wideout Danny Amendola in lieu of keeping disappointing veteran receiver Reggie Brown and the utterly useless tight end Matt Schobel. Having undrafted rookie tight ends Rob Myers and/or Eugene Bright available on the practice squad may enable the Birds to make this move possible. Also, starting fullback Leonard Weaver is a former tight end who could line up as an h-back/tight end in certain formations. Hank Baskett was also used as a 3rd tight end in certain formations during the 08 regular season. My fingers are firmly crossed for Gibson and Amendola.

Sadly, the most likely scenario will have Amendola being cut and the team going with the more standard set of 6receivers and 3 tight end’s.

Another issue for the Birds is that no matter what combination of linebackers they decide on keeping, the depth at all 3 positions is a major concern with absolutely no starting experience on the bench.

Over the years Andy Reid always seems to find a way to surprise the fans with his final cuts, but after signing Mike Vick a few weeks ago nothing this organization can do will shock me.


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