The Axe Has Been Dropped


The Eagles announced their official cuts.

The following players were released and subject to 24 hours on waivers CB Trae Williams, CB Jack Ikegwuonu, DE Bryan Smith, DE Josh Gaines, LB Tank Daniels, FS Reshard Langford, WR Danny Amendola, RB Lorenzo Booker, C Dallas Reynolds, G Paul Fanaika, G Mike Gibson, TE Rob Myers, FB Marcus Mailei and FB Kyle Eckel

The Eagles outright released veteran DT Dan Klecko, LB Matt Wilhelm and TE Matt Schobel. These players are now unrestricted free agents not subject to waivers.

Reggie Brown inexplicably survived instead of hard working Danny Amendola. Hopefully that changes soon when the Eagles find a tight end to fill his roster spot.

My final roster prediction from Friday was only off by 3 players, (Vick on instead of Feeley, Amendola over Brown and I had Klecko making it) not to shabby. Ok thats enough of the self promotion…I apologize.


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