Farewell Kendra, We Hardly Knew Ye


Yesterday the Eagles released playmate…err…receiver Hank Baskett to make room on the active roster for Mike Vick. The move enables Vick, who is still suspended through Monday to participate in full team practices and position drills starting today. It also leaves the Eagles with 4 quarterbacks on the roster, 3 of which are former pro bowlers but we are lucky enough to have the one guy without a trip to Hawaii on his resume starting on Sunday.

But sadly the real loss of the day wasn’t so much Hank Baskett’s aggressive special team play or his once every 5-6 week long td reception. No, it was the loss of his wife Kendra. While she may be annoying and possess quit possibly the worst laugh in all of humanity, there are just some things you can’t argue with. (See right)kendra-wilkinson. Good luck in your future endeavors Hank.

Lost in today’s news is that the best damn wide receiver in a t-shirt and basketball shorts still has a job. I speak of course of 5th year wideout Reggie Brown. The Eagles would have owed Reggie approximately 6 million dollars if he was released from his contract due to his vested veteran status, and thats why Hank took the hit. While keeping his job is good and all the best news for Reggie is his new quarterback. Brown played the best ball of his career when he had Jeff Garcia throwing to him, so maybe Reggie could actually be wearing a full uniform this Sunday instead of the same t-shirt I have from Modells.


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