138 pitches = Leaving Next Start With An Injury


Pedro Martinez was just taken out of tonights Braves game after only 3 innings due to what appeared to be an apparent neck/shoulder injury. This is Pedro’s first start after he threw an astounding 138 pitches in an 8 inning effort against the Mets on Sunday night. The outing was the longest in a decade for Pedro who has battled injuries over the last 3 seasons or so. Absolutely no good can come from of having a 38-year-old man throw such a ridiculous amount of pitches.

Martinez’s velocity was clearly down over what where it has been since his return in August and he called for trainer Mark Anderson while tossing his warmup pitches to begin the 4th inning.

Charlie Manuel has been criticized of overusing his starters over the last month or so, and now Martinez joins J.A. Happ as the second man in the rotation to drop. This is a terrible time to have uncertainty in the rotation or the bullpen. Unfortunately for The Phils’ they have major question marks in both areas.


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