Starting at Quarterback From Houston…


Well here it is folks the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the home opener. I bet when you pictured today in your head you didn’t expect to have a guy in green making his first NFL start at the quarterback position, but them’s be the breaks in the NFL and today is Kevin Kolb’s chance. In his third NFL season the Eagles first selection in the 2007 draft (36th overall) has only proven he is proficient in holding a clipboard at this level so far, but that will change in a couple hours. While it is surely unfair to pass complete and total judgement on a player over one game it really may be the only shot Kolb has to start here in Philadelphia.

His contract runs through next season when other quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Mike Vick’s contract also expire. Barring any further rash of injuries, this week and possibly next week against Tampa could be it for Kolb in a starting role here. Next week, Vick will be off of suspension and there is very little doubt that he will be activated on game day which when McNabb returns will relegate Kolb back to third string duties.

At the very least an impressive performance can earn Kolb some interest from around the league as a possible trade candidate in the offseason. From all accounts Kolb has had very strong week of prep and practice running with the starters, so let’s hope that can translate into success at the Linc at 1. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

Question of the day: How many plays in will there be a Garcia chant? Over under at 3.5


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