Who Didn’t See That Coming?


Brad Lidge continued his quest for the record books with his 11th blown save of the season tonight in a critical divisional matchup in Miami against the Marlins. This latest outing leaves Lidge just 3 more disasters away from tying the major league record for futility with 14 blown saves. I know all of Lidge’s fans in Atlanta and all 4 of them in South Florida are pulling for Brad to keep the lights on and reach his goal, but he’s running out of time.

Sadly, I don’t think Lidge will reach the amazing record because I dont see any way that Charlie Manuel can possibly use him in any role let alone the closing spot for the remainder of the season. Charlie made a decision two weeks ago but he’s hedged and teetered and gave back into Brad because of his undying loyalty and appreciation for last year but there has to be a limit. Since the removal in Washington Brad has an 11.57 ERA in five appearances with opponents hitting .391 against him.  Lidge’s record now stands at an astounding 0-8 with an era over 7.40 for the year.

Calling this a bad season would be the understatement of the year. It’d be like calling Philly’s crime rate just a little high or Megan Fox just moderately attractive. Think about this, of all the terrible relief pitchers we’ve seen…from Wild Thing on his wildest day to Jose Mesa being Jose Mesa or even our old 6 fingered friend Antonio Alfonseca we’ve never seen a closer be this remarkably terrible in Philadelphia.

Sorry Brad but it’s over, I think we need to see other people.



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2 responses to “Who Didn’t See That Coming?

  1. Tbone

    I am shocked and sickened that they even brought him out. I went to bed immediately. I already knew the outcome when they brought him out. Has any team ever used starting pitchers for one inning in relief. Why can’t we use our last to start starters one at a time. Am I being retarded or just desperate. I am syarting to worry about the playoffs. Thanks for listening.

    • Jonathan Marshall

      I dont think that’s been done but there have been cases in the past where teams would use young starters in the closer role late in the season and into the playoffs. The Cardinals did it with Wainwright a couple years ago, The White Sox called up Bobby Jenks and made him the closer in September and he led them to a championship so changing late is not a death sentence it just has to be done, the flip flopping is now the issue.

      People have begun to mention JA Happ or Pedro Martinez as possibilities. I dont buy it but stranger things have happened. Myers needs to get healthy, in my opinion he’s the only true alternative.

      Thanks for reading…

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