Sixers Unveil New/Old Uniforms


Sixers forwards, Thaddeus Young and Elton Brand showcased their modeling skills yesterday as the team unveiled their new retro style uniforms. Im sure you’ve heard the buzz around town about the Sixers being primed for a long playoff run and having a real shot at making the Finals this year. What? You haven’t heard a word about the Sixers? Really? Well maybe that’s because their most exciting offseason moves have been drafting a kid who won’t contribute for 3 years and bringing back Rodney Carney. Oh yeah, also in case you weren’t aware Samuel Dalembert is still the starting center for your

In other depressing news, the Sixers’ fired their marketing director Eric Blankenship last week. My question is why? Don Draper couldn’t sell me on buying a ticket for this franchise stuck in neutral right now. You want people in the stands? Create a buzz, get an exciting product. You can’t market Sam Dalembert and Willie Green.

BTW: How skinny does Elton Brand look?


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