The Beard Is Out And Bastardo is In


The Phillies 25 man roster for the divisional series against Colorado was released this afternoon and it had a couple surprises on it.

One of which was the removal of utility infielder Eric Bruntlett from the bench,  in favor of veteran Miguel Cairo. Have no fear Bruntlett fans, I’m sure the beard will still be in the clubhouse pulling for his teammates. The thought in this move has to be that Charlie Manuel may actually like to have players on his roster who stand a remote chance of getting a hit, should they be needed. I know it’s a novel idea and all, but this is a new approach for Manuel concerning his bench.

The other unexpected move for the postseason roster is rookie lefty Antonio Bastardo being called on, over righties Clay Condrey and Tyler Walker for the final bullpen spot. With JC Romero out for the year, this is a move of absolute neccesity with the only other southpaw in the pen being veteran Scott Eyre, who himself is battling elbow problems.


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