Maybe He Was Hungry?

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Okay so in case you missed it, last night in the final seconds of the Flyers defeat to the Pittsburgh Penguins a scrum involving Scott Hartnell and Kris Letang took place. This is obviously not news. The fact that Kris Letang is accusing Hartnell of trying to bite his finger off in said skirmish however, is news.

“I think he knows what he did.” said Letang whose hand was heavily bandaged from the cut(bite?) on his right ring finger. “Why don’t you ask him what he did, I’d like to know his answer.”

Hartnell denied the biting incident however he didn’t exactly excuse himself completely…

“A lot of stuff happens on the bottom of the pile. He had his hands in my face doing the face wash and we’re rolling around. I can’t say what happened.”

This is not the first time a Flyer has been accused of biting an opposing player. Two years ago, veteran defenseman Derian Hatcher was said to have bitten Devils forward Travis Zajac during a scrap. Hatcher denied the incident.

Also just last year, Senators forward Jaarko Ruutu was suspended two games for taking a chunk off of Sabres tough guy Andrew Peters’ finger.

The happiest player around at hearing this news must be Flyers rear guard Braydon Coburn. Anything that can possibly distract fans and media from talking about just how putrid a performance he had. I know it’s early but the regression that appears to be happening with Coburn’s decision making and puck skills is certainly alarming. He was horrendous aginst the Caps on Tuesday and followed it up last night with a performance that would make Chris Therien embarassed.

This was just one of his many blunders…youtube of own goal

Also, Sidney Crosby got away with a slash to the throat of Chris Pronger in the same scrum as the alleged Hartnell mauling. Shocking isn’t it…

UPDATE: Per TSN’s Darren Dreger, Hartnell will have a hearing with league disciplinarian Colin Campbell this morning over the alleged bite. Even with the complete lack of visual evidence I set the suspension odds at 2.5 games. What do you got the over or the under? Remember he is a Flyer…


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