Just Disgraceful…


Yesterday’s 13-9 defeat at the hands of the Division II AA Oakland Raiders, may just be the worst performance in the Eagles recent history. It was a microcosm of coach Andy Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb’s career in Philadelphia. Missed assignments, no situational awareness, brain dead play calling and of course a press conference that feature’s Coach Reid spouting his usual garbage of “having to put the team in a better position to win.”

I get it Andy, you keep saying it’s “my responsibility” but you never do anything to change and you are most certainly never held responsible for any of your teams terrible performances. How this ownership group believes you are worthy of an extension is mind boggling.

Let’s count just a few of the screw up’s…

Signing Jeremiah Trotter off the street. You didnt think he could run or cover when he was in the prime of his career, why would you believe two years managing a car wash would qualify him for a return to a starting role on a competitive NFL team?

Not resigning Brian Dawkins. You really think Macho Harris or Quintin Demps are the answer? The Eagles have over $15 million dollars in cap space available, don’t you think resigning a first ballot hall of famer and the soul of your defense may have been a smart way to spend a fraction of that money? Meanwhile,. Dawkins is leading the undefeated Bronco’s defense in a turnaround, from being among the leagues worst last year to at the top of the rankings in 09.

Donovan McNabb has no game awareness. Besides not knowing that tie games do in fact exist in the NFL last season, yesterday Mr. clutch tried to call the Eagles 4th timeout of the first half as he led the team on another failed drive deep in Oakland territory. It was funny watching Brian Westbrook shake his head at Donovan though.

Throwing the ball 46 times and running it only 11. Brian Westbrook had 50 yards in only 6 carries. Maybe it would have been a good idea to keep giving him the ball…not in Andy Reid’s offense.

Asante Samuels’ tackling. Nothing more to say about that just watch the tape.

Trying to outsmart everyone in the league with the wildcat. The complete waste of a roster spot, money, and energy in trying to make people believe that Mike Vick can be a weapon when he plays 2  plays a game. We get it he’s fast, he’s going to run the ball. If we know that, how could NFL defense’s not know it?

Andy Reid’s clock management. It’s been going on for over 10 years who is surprised at this point?

McNabb’s complete inability to lead a late comeback drive since he was in his mid 20’s. Anyone remember the last time he led a late drive for a victory?

Gold standard my ass.


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