Stubhub Hates Mets Fans


As if it couldnt get any worse for Mets fans…

As many of them sit home watching their cross city rival Yankees and NL East rival Phils battle for a spot in the Fall classic this week, some Mets fans were greeted with a wonderful email from the fine folks at Stubhub offering them playoff tickets…to see their Mets battle for the pennant.

NEW YORK (AP) — Hey, Mets fans, that awful season was just a bad dream — if you believe StubHub.
The company sent an e-mail Monday offering tickets for Mets’ playoff games.
“Be there alongside your New York Mets as they chase baseball immortality,” the e-mail said. “Go to StubHub, where you’ll find a fantastic selection of tickets to every playoff game — so you experience the championship chase live and in person.”
StubHub said e-mails were sent to fans promoting several teams not in the postseason.
“This was due to an e-mail glitch,” spokeswoman Joellen Ferrer said in a statement. “We regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. Follow-up e-mails will be sent to every person that received the e-mail, notifying them of the error on our part. In no way does this affect any transactions that have taken place on StubHub.”
The Mets finished 70-92 and were out playoff contention by mid-July.

I ❤ Stubhub. Muck the Fets!


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