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Keith Ballard Slashes Own Goalie In the Face


Smooth move Keith. Tomas Vokoun was taken off the ice on a stretcher, he was also bleeding from the whack.

No word yet if Ballard will be suspended for being a complete and utter idiot.


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Moving On…

After about two weeks of mourning the Philles World Series loss to the Yankees, I have finally crawled out of my hole, and returned to being a fully functional member of society.

Once out of my pit of despair, I stumbled right into a hockey team that is on a certifiable roll. Last night they had their first real statement win of the season, by punching the Devils in the mouth with a 3-2 victory. The win denied the Devs the all time record for road wins to start a season which will remain at 9 for the time being.

The game was highlighted by timely, stellar goaltending by Ray Emery. He has really settled into his role as the number one netminder here. In his last handful of games he has an astronomical save percentage and a goals against average just under 2. Numbers are one thing but it is just a different feel right now with him between the pipes in comparison to the goalies of Flyers failures past. He is big, smooth, athletic and fast. But the most important thing I have seen so far is that he appears to come up with the big save at the right time. No more short side 40 ft floaters. No more dribblers in the final minute of a period. Clutch is the most important trait of any goaltender and right now he appears to have it in spades…it is only November though.

The Flyers having won 6 of their last 7 are currently in a hotel in Los Angeles awaiting a showdown tomorrow night with the league’s top scorer Anze Kopitar and his Kings at the Staples Center. I love the west coast games that start at 10:30 here.

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Time To Be Influential


A rare moment when not striking out...

Well in about an hour or so, Game 6 of the Fall Classic will be under way  in the Bronx. For the Fightin’ Phils’, they have the self-proclaimed “most influential player to ever step foot in Yankee stadium” taking the mound with full rest against Baseball’s all time post-season win leader and self admitted steroid user, Andy Pettite on 3 days rest.

There are so many things that I could say that have been mentioned repeatedly over the last couple of days but this game really comes down to one simple thing…

Can the Phillies bats, specifically Ryan Howard carry them into a 7th game?

I have never seen anyone go from supernova hot to Bruntlett-esque, in such a short period of time. Howard’s been off-balance the entire series. He’s been taking fastballs for strikes and lunging at outside breaking balls. The most frustrating part about his struggles is even an armchair manager such as myself can clearly identify his problem so you know Ryan is well aware of the issue, it’s just all about execution. Stay back on the ball, trust your hands to catch up to a fastball and react to the breaking ball. DO NOT TRY AND PULL EVERYTHING!

If you see Ryan rip one opposite way for a hit you will be able to hear his sigh of relief all the way down in the Delaware Valley. All it takes is one and “The Big Piece” could be back. It’s time for the big man to pray to Jobu and carry his team, like he has so many times before.



Our New Hitting Coach.



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