The Answer On His Way Back

ESPN reports this morning that the Sixers are targeting Monday’s game against the Denver Nuggets as the date for Allen Iverson to return to the 76ers lineup.

There are rumblings that Iverson’s agent is meeting privately with GM Ed Stefanski this afternoon to hammer out a deal.

Don’t get me wrong, Iverson was the reason that I began watching basketball here in Philadelphia but to me this reeks of a move specifically for ticket sales. The Sixers are drawing about 14 people to their home games and Stefanski and the suits know they are in deep trouble.

Will this really make a long-term difference? Sure for a couple weeks there will be a couple thousand more butts in seats for the novelty of being able to put the #3 jersey’s back on, but “The Answer” is not THE answer to anything for this basketball team.

They have zero low post game with Elton Brand proving to be a complete disaster of a signing. They continue to have the worst perimeter defense in the league. Thaddeus Young has regressed in a big way. They are laughably paying Sam Dalembert and Andre Iguodala like elite players.

But hey, at least we have AI again.


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