Laviolette Hates Fighting

Peter Laviolette has a history of being a bit of a pacifist with his teams…I really hope he isn’t the choice.

The Following are quotes from who tracked down some snippets from the past.

Carolina coach Peter Laviolette makes no bones about the way he expects his players to act in games.

“I have a very strict no-fighting policy for our team,” Laviolette says. “Last year in the playoffs (defenseman) Mike Commodore got into a fight and I said, ‘OK, that’s it. No more fighting.’ I simply cannot afford to lose a player like Mike Commodore to an injury he may sustain in a fight.

“Take a guy like Erik Cole. If we allowed him to fight, I know he would do it. Now if he gets hurt in a fight, our team has lost a very valuable asset. How do I justify that? I can’t. It just doesn’t make sense to me to allow our guys to fight.”

Instead, Laviolette elected to dress skilled players on his fourth line, guys who, in a pinch, could fill in on one of his top two lines. A player such as Chad LaRose, for instance. LaRose, a 5-foot-10, 175-pound speedy winger, couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, but he scored 61 goals and 117 points in 67 games for Plymouth in his final year of junior and helped the Hurricanes by skating an occasional regular shift and killing penalties. Laviolette also worked skill players Andrew Ladd and Josef Vasicek into the lineup.

Peter Laviolette set a “no-fighting” edict for his Carolina Hurricanes in the playoffs

The Stanley Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes have played without a heavyweight for two seasons. Coach Peter Laviolette has discouraged his players from fighting.

This sounds like a match made in hell…


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  1. Tom

    The Flyers are the dirtiest team in the NHL. It doesn’t matter who the coach is, that will never change. The Flyers are just plain dirty, cheapshot artists.

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