Full Halladay Trade Details

Over the last 21 hours or so, many Philly faithful have glued themselves to either their computer or radio in hopes of getting to the bottom of this whole Halladay/Lee mess. Well I got it for you, this is the absolute latest deal as reported by ESPN’s Buster Olney who actually reported this as a possibility a week and a half ago, so thumbs up to Buster. Well here goes…and oh yeah there is a 4th team involved…yeah I know…

Philadelphia sends top pitching prospect Kyle Drabek, outfield prospect Michael Taylor and catching prospect Travis D’Arnaud to the Toronto Blue Jays for Roy Halladay and 6 million dollars. (The 6 million is the difference between Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay’s salary for 2010)

Roy Halladay signs a 3 year contract extension with the Phillies through 2013 with an option for another year.

In a separate deal, Toronto will send Michael Taylor to the Oakland Athletics for corner infield prospect Brett Wallace.

In ANOTHER separate deal the Phillies will trade Cliff Lee to the Seattle Mariners for their top pitching prospect Phillipe Aumont, centerfield prospect Tyson Gillies and another prospect arm JC Ramirez.

So when it comes down to it the Phillies could not afford to keep both Lee and Halladay in their rotation because of their self-imposed budget. Ruben Amaro felt that he would rather replenish the farm system that he just depleted by turning the 5 month investment in Cliff Lee into 3 prospects. It’s depressing just because of what the rotation could have been…and just how much of a beast Cliff Lee was in the playoffs.

Even with that the biggest thing that can be overlooked here is that the Phillies just acquired THE best pitcher in baseball over the last decade. A sure-fire first ballot hall of famer and a Cy Young award winner. The league leader in shutouts and complete games. A guy noted as being the hardest working and most prepared hurler in the sport. Doc Halladay is a Phillie…it’s just a shame Cliff Lee wont get to be apart of it next year.

The best video on youtube of what Roy Halladay can do to opposing offenses…


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