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Captain ‘Stache Takes Carcillo’s Lead

"I make this look good."

At Monday’s practice Flyers captain Mike Richards did more than work on his game; he debuted a tribute to teammate Dan Carcillo by shaving off his beard and sporting a serious handlebar mustache. Richards has been plagued by some inconsistent play of late and hopes his new ‘stache will lend him some good fortune

“Hopefully, it will start working. The beard wasn’t working. Hopefully, this will come along.”

Richards certainly wasn’t the only one around the Flyers who have noticed Dan Carcillo’s excellent play of late. Coach Laviolette’s been impressed by the young physical forward.

“When he wears his heart on his sleeve, everybody sees it. It’s contagious from the bench to the building, to the fans and myself. Danny’s played really good hockey for us.”

Carcillo himself talked about how he’s noticed some fans sporting some fake mustache’s in support of his play. Hey, whatever it takes to make this team bond together…if it’s 70’s porn mustaches who are we to question.

1 mustache > 4 penguins


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Remember Bobby Bonilla? The Mets do…

As if we needed another reason to laugh at the lowly Mets, here is a great little piece of info brought to us by Phils beat writer Andy Martino on his blog.

4. OK, yes, get angry about paying Geoff Jenkins $1.25 million this season. But think about this: Beginning in 2011, the Mets will pay Bobby Bonilla $1.19 million in deferred money every July 1 until 2035. Seriously.

That’s right, the Mets payroll still includes 6 time all-star Bobby freakin’ Bonilla. He retired in 2001 and he hasn’t played for the Mets since 1999. Could you imagine the Phillies still having Greg Jeffries or Danny Tartabull on the payroll for the next 25 years. I decided to dig a little into the story to find out whether Bonilla just happened to have the greatest agent in the history of the world to essentially give him an additional pension or if the Mets just botched something up. Not surprisingly, I found out yet again why the Mets hold the title of the most inept franchise in baseball.

Bonilla’s second stint with the Mets turned out to be just as disastrous as his first. After a knee injury sidelined him in March, he gained weight and hit just .160 in 60 games with the team. His lumbering ineptitude in the field earned him sarcastic ovations from Shea Stadium crowds whenever he fielded the ball cleanly. Unhappy with Bonilla’s play, the Mets placed him on irrevocable waivers in June. Not surprisingly, he went unclaimed.

For his part, Bonilla was angry that he wasn’t given more at-bats, often clashing loudly with manager Bobby Valentine over his lack of playing time. He was kept on the post-season roster, but struck out twice in his four at-bats as a pinch-hitter. As the Mets were eliminated by the Braves in the eleventh inning of a gut-wrenching NLCS Game Six, Bonilla reportedly sat in the clubhouse with teammate Rickey Henderson — playing cards.

“I’m not going to stay quiet again next year,” Bonilla announced in December. But by that point, it was clear that Bonilla had no future in New York. He was finally released in January after reaching an unusual agreement with the Mets: Instead of picking up his $5.9 million salary for the 2000 season, the team pledged to pay him $1,193,248.20 each July 1st from 2011 to 2035 — nearly $30 million all told. Less than a month later, Bonilla signed with the Braves. link

How great is that? Instead of shelling out $6 million at once, the Mets organization decided to pay $1.2 million  24 times. Who could have made such a moronic decision you ask? None other than deposed  ESPN analyst Steve Phillips who was the Mets general manager from’ 97-’03.

The genius and his mistress. I know...aim higher buddy, you're rich.

You may remember Phillips name from the headlines a couple months ago where he got caught fooling around with an obsessive 22-year-old production assistant which lead to his divorce and firing at the sports media giant.

The story wasn’t just your average rich guy cheating on his wife story. Allegedly the mistress in question Brooke Hundley, facebook stalked Philips’ son and made several phone calls to his wife Marni repeating intimate details of their relationship, including some really personal information about a birthmark. The former Mrs. Phillips made a frantic phone call to Miami police in September after Hundley dropped a letter off at her home in which she proclaimed…

“I’m the woman he’s been seeing for a while now…I’m not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots.”

The last we heard from the Phillips camp was that after his dismissal from ESPN he was admitting himself into an inpatient rehab for sex addiction. I for one will absolutely miss him and sincerely wish he was still running the Mets.


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Jets Fan Arrested For Being A Jets Fan

As a Philly sports fan I’ve seen my share of opposing fans getting treated poorly at visitor venues, however I don’t think I’ve seen someone get arrested and dragged from their seat in Philly without any type of provocation. There is a brief break in the video clip whcih may hide something bu the Charger fans sitting around this unfortunate J.E.T.S. fan continuously claim that the guy did absolutely nothing but cheer for his team.

I’m a strong supporter of police but for god’s sake something is seriously wrong here.

The biggest thing I noticed from the clip is how different fans from San Diego are compared to those from the Northeast. The fact that the language in the video is primarily safe for work (mostly) and that surrounding beers didn’t suddenly sprout wings was frankly astounding.

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Newsflash: Officials are Biased

Cheer up buddy.

Well, it looks like the NBA isn’t the only league with dirty refs. The NHL has quite the issue on its hands now that Vancouver Canuck forward Alex Burrows came out last night, and accused veteran referee  Stephane Auger of carrying out a personal vendetta against him on the ice.

Burrows accused Auger of coming to him during the pregame skate and threatening him with revenge over a hit in a previous game.

According to Jason Botchford of the Vancouver Province on Monday night, Burrows said that Auger claimed the Canuck “made him look bad in Nashville on the Smithson hit” by feigning injury, and that Auger was going to “get him back” in the game against the Preds.

Burrows would end up leading all skaters in penalty minutes in the game with 16, including a dive and a 10-minute misconduct in the third period. He candidly spoke about Auger’s pregame threat and the ensuing penalties during a postgame interview that’s going to cause many a headache in NHL HQ on Tuesday — and could cost Auger his reputation, if not his job. (puckdaddy on yahoo.)

“He got me on a diving call that I didn’t think was diving and an interference call,” Burrows said. “I have no idea how he could call that and it changed the game

“Because of a guy’s ego, it just blows everything out of proportion and the refs are making bad calls and we’re paying for it.”

“He comes into the game and he’s going to make a call to give Nashville the advantage and I don’t think that’s fair for my teammates and for the fans.

Off the ice Auger is a British television star.

“After my second penalty I skated by him and he said ‘If you say a word I am going to kick you out.’

“So I didn’t say a word because I still thought we could come back and win the game. But with 3 seconds left and the faceoff outside the zone I thought I could tell him what I thought about him.

“It’s stupid, he takes it personal against guys.

“I think he should sit out the rest of the year for making calls like that are making us look bad.”

Now let me preface this by saying, I have always despised Stephane Auger. I could not be happier to see this slimy pompous ass lose his job. For years I have watched him single-handedly destroy dozens of good, solid hockey games with his phantom calls and outrageous judgement. I always just assumed he was completely inept at his job like many others in the NHL.

"Well at least we have a moment alone in front of 20,000 people and on national television."

As a fan, especially of the Flyers it’s really easy to buy into personal vendetta’s against your team and players. How great is it to be proven right with this idiot? He wasn’t even smart enough to have this conversation with Burrows behind closed doors, cameras caught the discussion in question.

This is not the first time this genius has been involved in controversy. Auger accused Phoenix Coyote and former Canadian national team captain, Shane Doan of using an anti-french slur during a game. A charge that Doan vehemently denied. The accusation went all the way to Canadian Parliament.

Opposition party leaders slammed the choice of Doan as captain Monday and referred to an alleged incident at the end of a National Hockey League game between Doan’s Phoenix Coyotes and the hometown Montreal Canadiens on Dec. 13, 2005. It was claimed by a French-Canadian linesman that Doan directed an anti-French slur at referee Stephane Auger, for which Doan received a gross misconduct. The NHL investigated and found no substance to the charges but the issue simply won’t die.

“I don’t have a single thing to hide about any of this,” Doan said. “The NHL investigated it. When they investigated it, there was nothing there. Nothing at all. I did not say a single thing. It wasn’t like I said almost something like that. I was trying to calm down our goalie (Curtis Joseph). I was not talking to the officials.”

Auger was also a part of one of the most outrageous blown calls in recent memory in a Red Wing/Stars game in November.

Auger also had a very eventful night in Philadelphia just over a month ago, in which he awarded the Caps a 9 minute power play and handed Dan Carcillo 29 unanswered penalty minutes for essentially winning a fight.

Karma however did come back to get Auger in the third period though with an errant Scott Hartnell slap shot.

I know it won’t get much pub here in the states but trust me…this is a HUGE deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if this clown gets fired. Imagine how big of a story it would be finding out Ed “Hercules” Hoculi went up to McNabb before a game and told him he was out to get him.


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On the Defensive…

Now that I’ve had time to unwind from the mind-numbing embarrassment that was Saturday night’s Eagles-Cowboys game, I come to you with a plea. A request that serious changes be made and that we as fans, in any way that we can let the organization feel that these changes need to be made. Especially on the defensive side of the ball…we’ll deal with the quarterback situation at another time.

They’ve just made horrendous decisions on the defensive side of the ball for years and years and years, and as it stands now judging their history,  I have no confidence that this current regime can rebuild it.

Let’s count some of the blunders just off the top of my head…

How about never investing high in genuine linebacker prospects then drafting the drunk flyweight Matt McCoy 3 or 4 rounds earlier than anyone possibly expected in the entire league.

What about drafting Div2 all time sack leader at d-end and turning him into a below average SAM linebacker.

Scapegoating a genuine run stopping strong safety  in Michael Lewis and trying to sell us Sean Considine as a viable alternative.

Signing Chris Clemons from obscurity to a big money deal to essentially play 5 snaps a game and play special teams.

Drafting Trevor Laws higher than he was projected, touting him up then replacing him with an undrafted free agent.

Paying Darren Howard big time starter money.

Drafting Bryan Smith in the 3rd round and cutting him a year later.

Trading up and then drafting Jerome Mcdougle.

Drafting and then screwing over Raheem Brock.

Replacing Trotter in his prime with Mark Simoneau.

Letting Brian Dawkins walk with no suitable replacement in-house.

Starting an ineffective 7th rounder (Fokou) down the stretch and into the playoffs when he didn’t make 1 positive play all year.

Not allowing Bradley to play until the last 2 games of his rookie year and then acting surprised when you had a linebacker who was capable of making a play.

Having to sign Jeremiah Trotter away from his car wash t start at middle linebacker for you.

These are just a few of the things I could think of in the 5 minutes I’ve sat at my laptop. Feel free to add to the list…

It’s going to be a long offseason.

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Make a Statement Tonight

Last nights 6-2 blowout victory was a hell of a game to watch. It was a  throwback that reminded me of the days where a game with 4 fights and 8 goals could happen every other night.

It was the Dan show last night with Dan’s Briere, Syvret and Carcillo combining for 4 goals including a stunning toe drag by Carcillo that would have made Peter Forsberg jealous.

Still, even with all the positives that came from burning the lowly Leafs, tonight’s showdown in Pittsburgh could make a bold statement about the state of the Flyers and their turnaround. A crushing defeat, which has become the norm against their cross state rivals and all the confidence built up over this 5-1-1 stretch might be out the door. A victory and maybe it can propel this team to a terrific run leading into the Olympic break.

Guarantee of the night:

Pens get a power play goal in the first 5 minutes on some type of ticky tack infraction.

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