Make a Statement Tonight

Last nights 6-2 blowout victory was a hell of a game to watch. It was a  throwback that reminded me of the days where a game with 4 fights and 8 goals could happen every other night.

It was the Dan show last night with Dan’s Briere, Syvret and Carcillo combining for 4 goals including a stunning toe drag by Carcillo that would have made Peter Forsberg jealous.

Still, even with all the positives that came from burning the lowly Leafs, tonight’s showdown in Pittsburgh could make a bold statement about the state of the Flyers and their turnaround. A crushing defeat, which has become the norm against their cross state rivals and all the confidence built up over this 5-1-1 stretch might be out the door. A victory and maybe it can propel this team to a terrific run leading into the Olympic break.

Guarantee of the night:

Pens get a power play goal in the first 5 minutes on some type of ticky tack infraction.


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