On the Defensive…

Now that I’ve had time to unwind from the mind-numbing embarrassment that was Saturday night’s Eagles-Cowboys game, I come to you with a plea. A request that serious changes be made and that we as fans, in any way that we can let the organization feel that these changes need to be made. Especially on the defensive side of the ball…we’ll deal with the quarterback situation at another time.

They’ve just made horrendous decisions on the defensive side of the ball for years and years and years, and as it stands now judging their history,  I have no confidence that this current regime can rebuild it.

Let’s count some of the blunders just off the top of my head…

How about never investing high in genuine linebacker prospects then drafting the drunk flyweight Matt McCoy 3 or 4 rounds earlier than anyone possibly expected in the entire league.

What about drafting Div2 all time sack leader at d-end and turning him into a below average SAM linebacker.

Scapegoating a genuine run stopping strong safety  in Michael Lewis and trying to sell us Sean Considine as a viable alternative.

Signing Chris Clemons from obscurity to a big money deal to essentially play 5 snaps a game and play special teams.

Drafting Trevor Laws higher than he was projected, touting him up then replacing him with an undrafted free agent.

Paying Darren Howard big time starter money.

Drafting Bryan Smith in the 3rd round and cutting him a year later.

Trading up and then drafting Jerome Mcdougle.

Drafting and then screwing over Raheem Brock.

Replacing Trotter in his prime with Mark Simoneau.

Letting Brian Dawkins walk with no suitable replacement in-house.

Starting an ineffective 7th rounder (Fokou) down the stretch and into the playoffs when he didn’t make 1 positive play all year.

Not allowing Bradley to play until the last 2 games of his rookie year and then acting surprised when you had a linebacker who was capable of making a play.

Having to sign Jeremiah Trotter away from his car wash t start at middle linebacker for you.

These are just a few of the things I could think of in the 5 minutes I’ve sat at my laptop. Feel free to add to the list…

It’s going to be a long offseason.


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