Phillies Take Media Snapshots

They pulled him out of a ditch 3 minutes before this was taken.

I don’t know what I could possibly write to add to the awesomeness that is Jayson Werth and his beard. You know, perhaps I stated that wrong. I wouldn’t doubt that a beard this epic may in fact be self-aware. Perhaps I should have said Epic Beard and his Jayson Werth. Well, no matter the semantics yesterday was media picture day for the Phillies after they took their first live batting practice sessions.

Roy Halladay took the mound for the first time at the Carpenter complex against live batters. After the session the clubhouse was abuzz with the players and writers marveling over Doc’s signature sinker. Catcher Carlos Ruiz told CSN’s Michale Barkann that the sinker had more movement on it than any sinker he has ever caught and that Roy told him he is only throwing around “40-50 %”.

Some people take better pictures than others...


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