Team America Faces Off Against the Friendly Finnish

Today at 3pm EST the United States will take on Finland for a chance to play for the gold. I’m having one issue leading into this game, as a hockey fan tell me if you are dealing with the same thing. I find myself able to quickly hate on any opposing team or athlete in the Olympics with relative ease but some reason I just can’t get any negative feelings towards the Finns.

Maybe it’s because Kimmo Timonen might be my favorite Flyer.

Maybe it’s because Mikka Kiprusoff is a beast.

Maybe it’s because Finnish players always seem to be gritty warrior types who play with reckless abandon. (See Kukkonen, Lasse)

No matter the respect I have for the Finns, come 3 o’clock  I will be fully behind our Americans but it would have been a lot more enjoyable taking on some former Eastern Block nation or those cocky Canucks again. Maybe I’ll get my wish on Sunday.

Here’s some inspirational American music for you on this glorious day…



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3 responses to “Team America Faces Off Against the Friendly Finnish

  1. Yes, it should be a good one.

    • Jonathan Marshall

      Can’t wait, I’m snowed in. Im trying to figure out if pregaming for a 3 o’clock game would be a violation or not lol

  2. People, i really have to say that i watched at a couple of awesome encounters the last days. But i have to say that it is not said the guys with the leaf will win that easy from our team. Once again Canada had some good luck tonight from Slovakia. America will be winning sunday with 5-2! Another thing: Yo Crosby! Get a smile on your face man!

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