McNabb Might Be On The Move

The Eagles have a problem. Well, to be more precise they have multiple problems but for today we are just going to focus on their problem at the quarterback position.

With the mass exodus of overpriced veterans from the nest this offseason, it almost makes too much sense for the Eagles to move Donovan McNabb. Trading Michael Vick for a low pick serves them very little considering the giant PR hit they took when signing the convicted felon. Also it would basically mean the Birds admitted defeat in their quest to paint Vick as some type of super secret weapon that the amazing mind of Andy Reid would unleash on an unsuspecting football world.

One thing is certain, the Eagles cannot go into the draft still having all 3 of their current qb’s.’s Eagles insider Derrick Gunn reported yesterday that things may be picking up…

A league source told CSN’s Derrick Gunn on Wednesday evening that talks are heating up – but would not disclose for which quarterback. Nothing is expected to happen before Thursday.

Earlier Wednesday, Gunn, while attending the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, was told by one league source that the Eagles want a first-round pick and a couple of other picks for McNabb. He believed the Eagles would not have to reduce their price because trade talk was beginning to heat up.

However, another league source told Gunn that the Eagles had reduced their price from a first-round pick and a third-round pick to just a third after failing to receive satisfactory offers.

But yet another league source said the Eagles have never asked for a definitive number of picks. They are currently weighing offers and deciding what to do next.

One of the sources also said that Buffalo and Oakland appear to be the leading candidates to acquire the 33-year-old McNabb, who wouldn’t be happy going to either team because neither is a contender.

Regardless, it appears everyone agrees on one thing: the Eagles’ quarterback situation will change before the season starts. One of the sources said that eight teams have inquired about one of their quarterbacks.

Another rumor swirling right now is that the St. Louis Rams are in hot pursuit of Donovan McNabb and have offered the Eagles a deal that would include their second rd pick (#33 overall). Both clubs involved have denied the story but that’s pretty much what you would expect.

If it is true that the Eagles could get what is essentially a late first rounder for a 34-year-old injury prone quarterback, I would drive McNabb to the airport. I am absolutely ready to move on.


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