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Habs Hooligans Burn Crosby…And Cop Cars

How do you say lolz in French?

So after the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi Finals last night, a couple of young rabble-rousers took to the street in celebration.

Ok, maybe it was more like 21,000 rabble-rousers… but who is really counting. Yeah, well the Police may have been… They made 36 arrests but they really brought the house down when they unleashed  tear gas on the mob, which dispatched the remaining party animals into the night.

You thought Frankford and Cottman was bad? These morons haven’t even won anything yet and they are lighting cop cars on fire.

I do give them full marks for creativity in burning the Crosby cut-out though. Well played Frenchy…well played.


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Jets Fan Arrested For Being A Jets Fan

As a Philly sports fan I’ve seen my share of opposing fans getting treated poorly at visitor venues, however I don’t think I’ve seen someone get arrested and dragged from their seat in Philly without any type of provocation. There is a brief break in the video clip whcih may hide something bu the Charger fans sitting around this unfortunate J.E.T.S. fan continuously claim that the guy did absolutely nothing but cheer for his team.

I’m a strong supporter of police but for god’s sake something is seriously wrong here.

The biggest thing I noticed from the clip is how different fans from San Diego are compared to those from the Northeast. The fact that the language in the video is primarily safe for work (mostly) and that surrounding beers didn’t suddenly sprout wings was frankly astounding.

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Keith Ballard Slashes Own Goalie In the Face


Smooth move Keith. Tomas Vokoun was taken off the ice on a stretcher, he was also bleeding from the whack.

No word yet if Ballard will be suspended for being a complete and utter idiot.

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