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Eagles First Round Preview

Last years top pick Jeremy Maclin

The Eagles enter tonight’s draft at Radio City Music Hall in a position that they really haven’t found themselves in over a decade. The mass exodus of veterans has left them with numerous holes on both sides of the ball and a lack of depth throughout the roster. Here’s how I think new gm Howie Roseman and the actual gm Andy Reid should handle the first round tonight.

Personally, I think the biggest need on the Birds roster is in the defensive secondary. The team never fully recovered from the loss of Brian Dawkins and now with the departure of Sheldon Brown the depth and leadership is absolutely non-existent. Luckily for the Birds there are two big time players available at the safety spot and another couple of cornerbacks who could really be difference makers in the secondary.

The interior offensive line is another key position of need with the release of Shawn Andrews and the late season loss of Jamaal Jackson the current starters at center are natural guard Nick Cole and free agent disappointment Stacy Andrews. This is a spot that the Eagles will absolutely address early and often through the weekend.

A defensive end to play opposite Trent Cole is also a need but it’s my opinion that there are no ends in this years draft in the Eagles range that are worth the investment.

Eagles Picks

1 (24) Own Pick
2 (37) Acquired from Washington for QB Donovan McNabb
2 (55) Own Pick
3 (70) Acquired from Seattle in 2009 draft day trade
3 (87) Own Pick
4 (105) Acquired from Cleveland along with LB Alex Hall for CB Sheldon Brown and LB Chris Gocong
4 (121) Own Pick
6 (200) Acquired from Indianapolis in 2009 draft day trade
7 (243) Compensatory Pick
7 (244) Compensatory Pick

The Dream Scenario…

Earl Thomas S/CB Texas

Eagles clearly have the ammunition to move up in the first round. They could easily enter into the teens without having to sacrifice too much and even into the top 10 if they were willing to touch picks for next year. The cost of getting into the top 10 is a little to rich for my blood but Eric Berry would be the perfect selection for this secondar, I just don’t believe sacrificing a number of high picks would be worth the difference between Berry and the #2 safety on the board. I would package the #24 along with a 3 and a 4 to get into the teens and secure my chance at selecting safety Earl Thomas from the University of Texas. The 5’10 208lb ball hawk is a certified playmaker with experience at safety and corner. He’s a big hitter and he’s got the smarts to be successful in the Eagles aggressive scheme.

Eric Berry S Tennesee

The less sexy picks that I believe the Eagles could target in the first round are 6’5 330 lb giant guard Mike Iupati from Idaho and versatile center Maurkice Pouncey from the University of Florida.

Here’s how I see it…

If the Eagles trade up: Eric Berry, Earl Thomas, MLB Rolando McClain from Alabama or USF defensive end Jason Pierre Paul (I think he’s got bust written all over him. Purely a physical specimen think Mamula)

If the Eagles stand pat at 24: Mike Iaputi, Maurkice Pouncey, cornerback Kyle Wilson from Boise State or linebacker Sean Witherspoon from Missouri.
My pick: Earl Thomas


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Eagles Reel In Marlin Jackson

This afternoon the Eagles announced that they signed former Indianapolis Colt corner/safety Marlin Jackson to a 2 year contract. On the surface the 2005 first round pick appears to be a solid addition. However, Jackson is coming off of 2 torn acl’s and according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the Eagles plan on moving Jackson to free safety; a position in which Jackson never started in Indy.

So let’s break this down for a second…

The Eagles solution for the black hole at the free safety position is a guy who has played in only 11 games over the last two seasons due to two serious knee injuries; is a natural cornerback and weighs under 200lbs. Am I missing something?

I like the guy if he’s healthy but what the hell is with all these experiments? Quinton Demps and Macho Harris were both drafted as tweeners without a set position in the secondary and both have been terrible. Jackson has talent, there is no question about that but there were other options available…

Just up the turnpike the Giants added playmaker Antrel Rolle last week and the Jets moved former pro-bowl free safety Kerry Rhodes for a 4th rounder. Meanwhile, we get a guy who makes Correll Buckhalter’s knee history look minor.

Why are the Eagles always shopping at the local scratch and dent shop? Did drafting Cornelius Ingram and signing Stacy Andrews not teach them a lesson about trusting guys with torn acl’s to contribute?

Thank god for the Phillies.

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On the Defensive…

Now that I’ve had time to unwind from the mind-numbing embarrassment that was Saturday night’s Eagles-Cowboys game, I come to you with a plea. A request that serious changes be made and that we as fans, in any way that we can let the organization feel that these changes need to be made. Especially on the defensive side of the ball…we’ll deal with the quarterback situation at another time.

They’ve just made horrendous decisions on the defensive side of the ball for years and years and years, and as it stands now judging their history,  I have no confidence that this current regime can rebuild it.

Let’s count some of the blunders just off the top of my head…

How about never investing high in genuine linebacker prospects then drafting the drunk flyweight Matt McCoy 3 or 4 rounds earlier than anyone possibly expected in the entire league.

What about drafting Div2 all time sack leader at d-end and turning him into a below average SAM linebacker.

Scapegoating a genuine run stopping strong safety  in Michael Lewis and trying to sell us Sean Considine as a viable alternative.

Signing Chris Clemons from obscurity to a big money deal to essentially play 5 snaps a game and play special teams.

Drafting Trevor Laws higher than he was projected, touting him up then replacing him with an undrafted free agent.

Paying Darren Howard big time starter money.

Drafting Bryan Smith in the 3rd round and cutting him a year later.

Trading up and then drafting Jerome Mcdougle.

Drafting and then screwing over Raheem Brock.

Replacing Trotter in his prime with Mark Simoneau.

Letting Brian Dawkins walk with no suitable replacement in-house.

Starting an ineffective 7th rounder (Fokou) down the stretch and into the playoffs when he didn’t make 1 positive play all year.

Not allowing Bradley to play until the last 2 games of his rookie year and then acting surprised when you had a linebacker who was capable of making a play.

Having to sign Jeremiah Trotter away from his car wash t start at middle linebacker for you.

These are just a few of the things I could think of in the 5 minutes I’ve sat at my laptop. Feel free to add to the list…

It’s going to be a long offseason.

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1st Place…it just feels right.

Donovan McNabb and the Eagles offense just 1 punched the G-Men and put the Birds into first place with just 3 weeks remaining in the regular season.

The Defense looked genuinely terrifying but lets worry about that later in the week. For tonight and tomorrow let’s just bask in the glory that was this explosive offensive performance. Andy and Desean will be…

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Celek Locked Up Through 2016

Eagles beat reporter Brian Seltzer from 97.5fm The Fanatic just reported that the Eagles have signed tight end Brent Celek to a 6 year contract extension that will keep him in Green through the 2016 season.

The timing is kind of funny considering that this past weekend was clearly Brent’s worst of the season in which he had a couple of bad drops. However on Monday it was leaked that the Cincinatti alum injured his thumb and may have some torn ligaments in his hand.

Celek has proven to be a reliable target and this is a strong move by the organization. Now they just need to resign Avant and Weaver and I’m a happy guy.

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Just Disgraceful…


Yesterday’s 13-9 defeat at the hands of the Division II AA Oakland Raiders, may just be the worst performance in the Eagles recent history. It was a microcosm of coach Andy Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb’s career in Philadelphia. Missed assignments, no situational awareness, brain dead play calling and of course a press conference that feature’s Coach Reid spouting his usual garbage of “having to put the team in a better position to win.”

I get it Andy, you keep saying it’s “my responsibility” but you never do anything to change and you are most certainly never held responsible for any of your teams terrible performances. How this ownership group believes you are worthy of an extension is mind boggling.

Let’s count just a few of the screw up’s…

Signing Jeremiah Trotter off the street. You didnt think he could run or cover when he was in the prime of his career, why would you believe two years managing a car wash would qualify him for a return to a starting role on a competitive NFL team?

Not resigning Brian Dawkins. You really think Macho Harris or Quintin Demps are the answer? The Eagles have over $15 million dollars in cap space available, don’t you think resigning a first ballot hall of famer and the soul of your defense may have been a smart way to spend a fraction of that money? Meanwhile,. Dawkins is leading the undefeated Bronco’s defense in a turnaround, from being among the leagues worst last year to at the top of the rankings in 09.

Donovan McNabb has no game awareness. Besides not knowing that tie games do in fact exist in the NFL last season, yesterday Mr. clutch tried to call the Eagles 4th timeout of the first half as he led the team on another failed drive deep in Oakland territory. It was funny watching Brian Westbrook shake his head at Donovan though.

Throwing the ball 46 times and running it only 11. Brian Westbrook had 50 yards in only 6 carries. Maybe it would have been a good idea to keep giving him the ball…not in Andy Reid’s offense.

Asante Samuels’ tackling. Nothing more to say about that just watch the tape.

Trying to outsmart everyone in the league with the wildcat. The complete waste of a roster spot, money, and energy in trying to make people believe that Mike Vick can be a weapon when he plays 2  plays a game. We get it he’s fast, he’s going to run the ball. If we know that, how could NFL defense’s not know it?

Andy Reid’s clock management. It’s been going on for over 10 years who is surprised at this point?

McNabb’s complete inability to lead a late comeback drive since he was in his mid 20’s. Anyone remember the last time he led a late drive for a victory?

Gold standard my ass.

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Starting at Quarterback From Houston…


Well here it is folks the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the home opener. I bet when you pictured today in your head you didn’t expect to have a guy in green making his first NFL start at the quarterback position, but them’s be the breaks in the NFL and today is Kevin Kolb’s chance. In his third NFL season the Eagles first selection in the 2007 draft (36th overall) has only proven he is proficient in holding a clipboard at this level so far, but that will change in a couple hours. While it is surely unfair to pass complete and total judgement on a player over one game it really may be the only shot Kolb has to start here in Philadelphia.

His contract runs through next season when other quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Mike Vick’s contract also expire. Barring any further rash of injuries, this week and possibly next week against Tampa could be it for Kolb in a starting role here. Next week, Vick will be off of suspension and there is very little doubt that he will be activated on game day which when McNabb returns will relegate Kolb back to third string duties.

At the very least an impressive performance can earn Kolb some interest from around the league as a possible trade candidate in the offseason. From all accounts Kolb has had very strong week of prep and practice running with the starters, so let’s hope that can translate into success at the Linc at 1. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

Question of the day: How many plays in will there be a Garcia chant? Over under at 3.5

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