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Carcillo Called His Shot

In a critical game 3 of the Eastern conference quarterfinals, the Flyers got an overtime game winner by grinder Danny Carcillo. To some, he would be a surprising candidate for a heroic goal but he certainly didn’t surprise himself. In a post game interview veteran winger Ian Lapperiere told reporters that just prior to the start of overtime he went up to Carcillo and told him “It’s time to be a hero.” to which Danny responded…

“I got this.”

Less than 3 minutes later, he scored the biggest goal of his life. It’s not quite “Ruthian” but it sure feels as important this morning.


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Jets Fan Arrested For Being A Jets Fan

As a Philly sports fan I’ve seen my share of opposing fans getting treated poorly at visitor venues, however I don’t think I’ve seen someone get arrested and dragged from their seat in Philly without any type of provocation. There is a brief break in the video clip whcih may hide something bu the Charger fans sitting around this unfortunate J.E.T.S. fan continuously claim that the guy did absolutely nothing but cheer for his team.

I’m a strong supporter of police but for god’s sake something is seriously wrong here.

The biggest thing I noticed from the clip is how different fans from San Diego are compared to those from the Northeast. The fact that the language in the video is primarily safe for work (mostly) and that surrounding beers didn’t suddenly sprout wings was frankly astounding.

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Time To Be Influential


A rare moment when not striking out...

Well in about an hour or so, Game 6 of the Fall Classic will be under way  in the Bronx. For the Fightin’ Phils’, they have the self-proclaimed “most influential player to ever step foot in Yankee stadium” taking the mound with full rest against Baseball’s all time post-season win leader and self admitted steroid user, Andy Pettite on 3 days rest.

There are so many things that I could say that have been mentioned repeatedly over the last couple of days but this game really comes down to one simple thing…

Can the Phillies bats, specifically Ryan Howard carry them into a 7th game?

I have never seen anyone go from supernova hot to Bruntlett-esque, in such a short period of time. Howard’s been off-balance the entire series. He’s been taking fastballs for strikes and lunging at outside breaking balls. The most frustrating part about his struggles is even an armchair manager such as myself can clearly identify his problem so you know Ryan is well aware of the issue, it’s just all about execution. Stay back on the ball, trust your hands to catch up to a fastball and react to the breaking ball. DO NOT TRY AND PULL EVERYTHING!

If you see Ryan rip one opposite way for a hit you will be able to hear his sigh of relief all the way down in the Delaware Valley. All it takes is one and “The Big Piece” could be back. It’s time for the big man to pray to Jobu and carry his team, like he has so many times before.



Our New Hitting Coach.



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Jimmy Has Marbles

NLCS Dodgers Phillies Baseball

Last nights heart pounding walkoff win in Game 4 of the NLCS will forever stand as one of the greatest efforts in Philadelphia sports history. With determination, strength and just an uncanny amount of gumption this Phillies team has captured the heart of a city and looks poised to defend their National league crown in the fall classic.

Euphoric may be the closest approximation to what I and many of us phaithful phans felt when Rollins turned around that 99mph heater, but it’s more than that. It’s so hard as someone who has watched countless teams in this city fail and fall short in big situations, to keep the faith in crunch time (Im looking at you Andy and Donovan), but this Phillies run over the last 13-14 months has changed all that. Late inning heroics are now to be expected, dynamic pitching performances are the norm,  rbi’s in 8 straight playoff games is just another day at the office and having your 8 hole hitter bat .500 in a championship series is now par for the course.

ESPN’s Peter Gammons, this morning described the Phillies as “this generations Broad Street Bullies” he couldnt be more right. They are the epitome of a fighter and they embody everything that we as Philadelphians hope to strive for. This team just has marbles.


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Pedro to Start Game 2, Myers and Kendrick off roster


Per sources, veteran Pedro Martinez will take the mound in Fridays game 2 of the National League Championship Series. It will be the first postseason start for Pedro in over 5 years.

Other roster moves for the NLCS, are the removal of pitchers Brett Myers and Kyle Kendrick in favor of right-handed former Dodger Chan Ho Park and extra infielder Eric Bruntlett. Taking Myers off the roster is a clear indication that his hip is just not healthy enough to allow him to continue. In direct contrast to Myers health situation, the addition of Park is hopefully an indication that he is recovered from the leg injury that held him out since early September. Park will resume his role as the 6th/7th inning bridge to the Madson and Lidge.

Bruntlett will hopefully only see action as a pinch runner if needed. The last thing any of us want is for him to have a critical at bat in this series. Even I would take him over Kendrick though, so I really have no issue with the move.

Hamels vs Kershaw tomorrow at 8.


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Happ Over Pedro For Game 3

large_ja happ

With tonights scheduled game 3 pushed back to tomorrow evening due to inclimate weather, Phils’ skipper Charlie Manuel has decided to skip his original starter Pedro Martinez in favor of rookie of the year candidate J.A. Happ.

Happ threw just four pitches in game 2 on Thursday due to being beamed in the leg by a Seth Smith line drive, but by all accounts is perfectly healthy and able to take the mound. The rookie tossed a complete game shutout against the Rockies in August.

While the move might miff veteran Pedro Martinez it’s another chance for the Philles to highlight Colorado’s struggles against left-handed pitching.

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King Cole Returns


This afternoon will mark the return of King Cole Hamels to the postseason stage. The reigning World Series and NLCS MVP, takes the mound this at 2:37 at Citizens Bank Park. He will be opposed by righty Aaron Cook.

It’s been a down year for Hamels. He was initially hampered by arm trouble in spring training, and later lacked command of his fastball which led to a couple really tough outings through the spring and early summer. Cole also is a concerning 0-6 in day games this season.

All of that will be wiped away today, if Cole can hurl a gem this afternoon. A victory will give the Phils’ a commanding two game lead heading into Colorado for Game 3.

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